The Ghost Wife (Poetry Society of America 2017) is available for sale here! Winner of the 2017 PSA Chapbook Fellowship, selected by Patrick Rosal. Thank you!

Ghost Wife
“Reading Madame Bovary.” Ploughshares, forthcoming.
“Illegal Immigration.” Pleiades, forthcoming.
“When I.C.E. Came for Me.” Pleiades, forthcoming.
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“In Durban We Encountered a Problem.” Indiana Review, forthcoming.
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Up the Mountains Down the Fields.” Drunken Boat, Issue 24.
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68. August 2015.
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On the Slow Reading Movement: Editor’s Note, for Adroit issue 25, May 2018.
With Christopher Soto, in response to the likely recision of DACA, 2017, on the Poetry Foundation blog.
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